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Author: Dr. Susan Delaney

Dr. Susan Delaney is a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness teacher who has practised, taught and published in the area of bereavement and loss for over 30 years. Since training with Dr. Katherine Shear at Columbia University, Susan has trained hundreds of therapists in PGDT/CGT. She is the editor of Irish Stories of Loss and Hope; a book about Irish bereavement experience, told through story, art and poetry. In 2009, she collaborated with jeweler Alan Ardiff to design the Bereavement Pin for the Irish Hospice Foundation; a symbol of loss that is now worn by over 20,000 people. In 2016 she delivered a TEDx talk entitled; “Grief; its complicated, 10% of the time” (

Loss & Grief

As I queued for my flight, I wondered idly where my phone was, I checked my bag, my pockets, my purse; not there. I got a little concerned… I checked more carefully, nope not there. I felt the panic and disbelief rising. it had to be somewhere, –I need…

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