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What clinicians are saying about our program

I attended the Big Picture Workshop and Practiced-Focused Training and both were excellent! The instructors were very passionate, structured and engaging. They provided us with detailed content in a straightforward manner, whilst constantly relating it to clinical practice. This was enriched with recordings of sessions, roleplays, discussions and vignettes. There was a lot of room for questions, which the instructors took the time to thoroughly respond to. The treatment is unique, it is evidence-based and will really benefit clients who might not be improving from other therapeutic approaches.

I can’t thank you enough for an exceptional workshop - one of the best I’ve attended in years! I’m an early career psychologist and have been eager to learn about treating complicated grief since I started school. I happened upon this training at the last minute and am thrilled I jumped on the opportunity. This treatment fits so well into my approach as a cognitive-behavioral therapist and addresses many of the shortcomings I’ve found in trying to apply current EBTs for trauma like Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy to grief and loss. I feel so empowered to begin using this with some current clients who are really needing it. Thank you for your warmth and patience in answering my many questions! I will definitely be sharing this treatment with my colleagues.

I think all of the aspects of the training were spot on. Nothing extraneous, totally content driven, and tightly organized thus respectful of my knowledge base and time. Thankfully this was not an introduction to grief but a very specific model within grief. I loved all of it! 

I have been doing remote work with an agency since the pandemic, and frankly feeling bit burnt out....I deal with a lot of anxiety, trauma and bereavement but this workshop was like a shot of adrenaline for me.

I was given access to, literally, years and years of knowledge and expertise that I couldn't get otherwise. How could I not be delighted?

I was very impressed with how effectively you were able to teach this treatment with the use of class activities via chat or verbal response. The videos were helpful but really loved seeing [presenters] role play the imaginal conversation. You created a very warm and engaging learning environment via Zoom, which is not always easy.

I learned a lot and am coming away from this workshop with a whole new skill set as well as a new way of looking at grief entirely.

Presenters were extremely engaging and energetic, considering grief is such a heavy topic. Presenters delivered their knowledge in such a smooth way that I am already eager to start implementing what I learned into practice.

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended - and I've attended a lot through work. The teachers had so much integrity and knowledge and presented in a kind manner.

Wow. I really learned a lot. I had taken a brief 1.5 hour overview of this but felt I needed more direction and experience. The facilitators offered organized, clear understanding of the material. Also, they clearly know this work inside and out and are passionate about what they do.

I found this workshop to be incredibly informative in my understanding of grief as well as ways of approaching treatment, especially psychoeducation in various clinical realms.

It was clear that this workshop has been carefully developed over time with the goal of conveying the key principles, materials, and approaches as clearly as possible. In addition, the presenters were outstanding, both excellent teachers and bringing in a wealth of client experience and research.