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Sleep Disturbance

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Complicated Grief in parents who child died in an ICU

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Prolonged Grief in Outpatients with Mood and Anxiety Disorders

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Possbible contributors to treatment outcome

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Criteria Development Papers

Cozza, S. J., Fisher, J. E., Mauro, C., Zhou, J., Ortiz, C. D., Skritskaya, N., . . . Shear, M. K. (2016). Performance of DSM-5 Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder Criteria in a Community Sample of Bereaved Military Family Members. American Journal of Psychiatry AJP,173(9),919-929. Link

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Our clinical perspective on diagnostic criteria along with ways to understand grief and it’s treatment

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Anxiety sensitivity and panic symptoms in prolonged grief

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The clinical presentation of participants who lost a child to other losses and compares those who lost a loved one to suicide to other losses

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A series of secondary analyses of data from our first clinical trial that contributed important preliminary data related to effects of PGT on depression and anxiety, the role of the treatment alliance and mediators of treatment outcome

Glickman, K., Shear, M. K., & Wall, M. (2016). Exploring Outcomes Related to Anxiety and Depression in Completers of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Complicated Grief Treatment. Clin Psychol Psychother, 23(2), 118-124. Link

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Colleagues doing their own bereavement studies

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Additional study analyses

Skritskaya, N. A., Mauro, C., Garcia de la Garza, A., Meichsner, F., Lebowitz, B., Reynolds, C. F., … & Shear, M. K. (2020). Changes in typical beliefs in response to complicated grief treatment. Depression and Anxiety, 37(1), 81-89. Link

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Special issue of the Journal Depression and Anxiety focused on prolonged grief

Iglewicz, A., Shear, M. K., Reynolds III, C. F., Simon, N., Lebowitz, B., & Zisook, S. (2020). Complicated grief therapy for clinicians: An evidence,based protocol for mental health practice. Depression and Anxiety, 37(1), 90-98. Link

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Additional papers

Denckla, C. A., Averkamp, N. M., Slopen, N., Dice, A. L. E., Williams, D., Shear, M. K., & Koenen, K. C. (2022). Social Determinants Associated With Exposure to Childhood Parental Bereavement and Subsequent Risk for Psychiatric Disorders. JAMA Network Open, 5(10), e2239616-e2239616. Link

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Xu, X., Wen, J., Skritskaya, N. A., Zou, X., Mauro, C., Wang, J., & Shear, M. K. (2021). Grief- related beliefs in shidu parents with and without prolonged grief disorder: Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Typical Beliefs Questionnaire. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy Link