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Meet Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers, educators, and clinicians committed to strengthening care for Prolonged Grief.


Katherine Shear, MD

Founder + Director

Colleen Bloom, MA, MSW

Program Manager

Natalia Skritskaya, PhD

Research Scientist + PGT Trainer

Gaelle Bottex, LMSW

Program Assistant

Bonnie Gorscak, PhD

Senior Trainer

Nicole Alston, MSW

Community Liason + MSW Practicum Instructor

Danielle Glorioso, LCSW

PGT Trainer + MSW Practicum Instrutor

Henry Willis, PhD

DEI Curriculum Development


Dana López, BA

Research Assistant

Sung-Ji Park, MSW

Research Assistant

Stephanie Smith, BA

Research Assistant


Mary Sormanti, PhD, LCSW

MSW Practicum Instructor

Nancy Turret, LCSW

PGT Trainer

John Bean, LCSW

PGT Trainer

Meredith Charney, PhD

PGT Trainer

Liane Fry, LMFT

PGT Trainer

Kim Gordon, LMHC

PGT Workshop Presenter

Sonya Lalisse Lott, PhD

PGT Workshop Presenter