Your gift makes it possible for us to provide people suffering with complicated grief, friends and family, and health and mental health professionals with important information about the symptoms and treatment of complicated grief.

The Center for Complicated Grief is dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from Complicated Grief through educational programs and community activities, professional training, and innovative research.

A donation supports our efforts to ensure effective treatment is available through:

  • Development and implementation of online programs and other distance learning initiatives to train professionals
  • Scholarships for workshops and case consultation for professionals to learn CGT
  • Projects targeting implementation of clinical research methods in community settings
  • Work to provide programs for professionals treating suicide bereaved individuals with complicated grief
  • Work to increase availability and effectiveness of treatment for complicated grief in military families
  • Development of innovative methods to disseminate information about complicated grief to the general public
  • Seed money research to enhance our knowledge base

Join in our effort to improve the lives of people with complicated grief and help them once again experience joy and satisfaction in their lives.

  To make a gift to the Center by wire transfer or for any donation related questions please contact Colleen Bloom, Center Manager, at 212-851-2272 or *The Center for Complicated Grief is a qualified 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.