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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my grief level is at its highest more than once during the day?

A: If your grief level is high more than once, just choose one of those times to record in your tracker.

Q: What if I am not sure what number to rate my grief?

A: Just do your best to assign it a number. Rating your grief intensity does not need to be precise.

Q: What should I expect my grief level to be? Should it change if GriefCare is helping me?

A: It’s best not to have expectations about your grief or have expectations about what it is supposed to do. If grief is interfering with your life or you are having trouble adapting to your loss, monitoring grief can help you see what might be getting in the way. The purpose of the grief chart is to help you better understand your grief, not to change it. We suggest that you accept grief in whatever way it comes up and focus on adapting to the loss.

Q: If I remember something after I save a rating can I change it?

A: Yes. You can re-enter and re-save your levels any time you wish.


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