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Describe what you're trying to achieve and where you're getting stuck
Thinking about the future

It may seem impossible to be happy. The future may seem empty and you may have a hard time imagining that you can ever experience joy or true satisfaction again. It’s possible that you’re not sure you even want to be happy.

Please remember that your life is important too. You can honor the person who died by restoring a sense of meaning and purpose in your own life.

Just as physical wellness depends on things you do, like eating, sleeping, and exercise, psychological wellness depends on doing things to meet basic mental health needs. Losing a loved one can make it more difficult to do things that are physically healthy. It can also be difficult to do things that are psychologically healthy. It might be helpful to understand what this means. Researchers have found that we have three basic psychological needs: 1) doing things that align with our deepest interests and values, 2) feeling confident that we can meet important challenges in our lives, and 3) feeling that we matter and belong in the world. It’s helpful to do things that promote physical and psychological health while you are grieving.

Building psychological health

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