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Monitoring your family

Congratulations on completing GriefCare for Families. We hope it’s been helpful for you and your family. We suggest you continue to monitor how your family is doing. Please keep in mind, grief is the response to loss and the form love takes when someone close dies. Because death is permanent, and love never dies, grief is also permanent. There will be times throughout your life when grief will intensify. Some people call this re-grieving but we consider it a natural way grief waxes and wanes.

Children, in particular, often have increased grief intensity as they grow and develop. The meaning of the loss of their special person might change as they understand themselves and the world in more mature and sophisticated ways. In other words, children understand what the loss means in different ways at different developmental stages. You or your child might want to revisit GriefCare at

different times in their life.

Even if you’ve been through each of the modules, consider going through it more than once. Most people find they learn new things each time they go through the program. You can repeat the entire program or just go back to certain topics.

As you continue to move forward in adapting to your loss, we encourage you to reflect on your life with and without grief. You might want to think about ways grief continues to be a part of your life and also think about ways you and your family are continuing to grow and thrive apart from your grief.


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