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Living your life apart from grief

Grief can crowd out everything else in your life. We discussed ways that you might try to gently set it aside for a while by planning a simple, rewarding activity. We also encourage you to spend some time thinking about what you might want for yourself and your child as your family moves forward in life. GriefCare for Families is about restoring your energy and enthusiasm for life and strengthening your sense of competence. It’s about reconnecting with core values and interests. It’s about helping your child understand that you are still there for them. It’s about helping your children to imagine the future with excitement and helping them see a future that will be rich and happy.

Try to imagine that grief could find a place in your life where it’s not so much in charge. What might be

meaningful to you and satisfying? You might want to keep thinking about this question. We encourage you to try to come up with goals you have and start to make them happen. Keep in mind that grief does not need to dominate your life. You and your family’s life are important and need attention, as well.  

It’s helpful to review some of the ideas in GriefCare in order to assist you in thinking about your future.

It’s also beneficial to review ways to help your child think about the future.


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