Center for Prolonged Grief

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Our Program

Prolonged Grief is a new diagnosis in the DSM 5-TR and it’s important for clinicians to know how to diagnose and treat it. People with Prolonged Grief often feel hopeless and skeptical that anything other than bringing their loved one back can help them. Prolonged Grief Treatment (PGT) can make a big difference in their life.

Education and Training

We offer workshops, self-study videos and webinars on topics of prolonged grief disorder and its treatment for clinicians to advance their learning.

Backed by Research

Backed by research: Our training methods are informed by well researched and extensive clinical trials.

Easy to access

All our training materials are easily accessible in digital formats such as PDFs, videos and podcasts.

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Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning: Our training takes into account your ease of learning and offers you the opportunity to learn at a pace comfortable for you.

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Get Accredited

By completing our training modules you will receive credentials from Columbia University.

Manuals and Tools

Our guidebook and therapy equipment have been developed after years of research and testing. The manuals and tools are enhanced with information to support counselors and practitioners in aiding grievers efficiently. The tools are an effective way to offer simple and extremely effective treatment methods for grievers, track their progress, and explore the many feelings and sensations that come with acute grief, as well as how they might be utilized. Our tools include assessment instruments like structured interviews and questionnaires. All of our resources are available as PDF downloads.