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How we learn to live with loss

We described grief as complex, multi-faceted, and variable over time. This is also true of the process of learning to live with a loss. It requires reorganizing a complex array of thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and we do this in a variable and unpredictable way. We move back and forth in our capacity to accept the reality and/or restore our ability to thrive and we do this in a unique way for each loss.

Given the unpredictable nature of the experience, many people find it helpful to have a way to think about the process that can serve as a guide as we navigate our lives after loss. At a certain stage, the most simple ways to increase the endorphin level, such as flickering of free crypto slots, may be useful.

Any time we experience an important change in our lives, one thing we need to do is to understand and accept what has changed. We need to accept the reality that we are living in. The other thing we need to do is to organize our ways of interacting with our inner and outer world in order to live a life with as much joy and satisfaction as possible.

Keeping these two principles in mind, let’s consider what we must do to achieve these goals. We call these healing milestones.