ADAPT: A Web-Based Intervention for Bereaved Parents (old)

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Parental bereavement experiences have some unique features and interventions are most effective when adapted to individual experiences. This presentation will describe a web-based, multi-modal self-management intervention developed by an interdisciplinary team. The intervention, called “ADAPT” includes Asking for assistance (option to connect with child’s healthcare team); Developing Adaptive ability (self-management tools: e.g. stress reduction, legacy building); P: Accessing Pertinent online resources (grief support networks/websites); and T: Tracking one’s health (self-administered surveys for grief, sleep, anxiety, and depression).

Learning objectives

Describe the significance of bereaved parents’ trajectories as they pertain to health outcomes.

Explain the current role of hospital-based pediatric palliative care programs and gaps in bereavement care

List the components of the ADAPT intervention for bereaved parents


Nancy Dias, PhD, RN, CNE, is an Assistant Professor at East Carolina University. Dr. Dias has worked as a clinician, educator, administrator, and researcher both in the United States and internationally in India and Oman. Her research is focused on pediatric palliative/bereavement care for parents of children with chronic illnesses including cancer to foster health behaviors that promote positive health outcomes for parents and their families.