Why Typical Beliefs Matter in Grief

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Using a case example and data from our clinical research studies, Dr. Skritskaya will discuss the role of maladaptive beliefs in complicated grief/prolonged grief disorder, including the relationship between maladaptive thoughts and suicidality. She will highlight the clinical relevance of the Typical Beliefs Questionnaire, describe how CGT resolves problematic ways of thinking, and show how treatment effects TBQ scores.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will recognize main types of beliefs that could interfere with adaptation to loss.
  2. Participants will learn about the Typical Beliefs Questionnaire, an instrument to assess problematic beliefs.
  3. Participants will learn thought a case example how Complicated Grief Treatment modifies such beliefs.


Dr. Natalia Skritskaya is a researcher and clinical psychologist who was a member of the team that started the Center for Complicated Grief. Natalia’s dedication, clarity of thought and creative vision are assets to the development of the team’s research projects and training initiatives.In addition to her sharp intellect, Natalia’s gentleness, clinical insights, and devotion to using science enrich her work.

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