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Bonnie Gorscak PHD Senior Trainer

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Bonnie Gorscak, PhD

Senior Trainer

Bonnie Gorscak, PhD is a clinical psychologist and serves as a senior trainer and supervisor at the Center for Prolonged Grief. Bonnie has been engaged in work on prolonged grief since 2001, when she was a therapist in the first NIMH-sponsored study led by Dr. Shear. In her current role, Bonnie assists in the Center’s efforts to educate and train clinicians about prolonged grief disorder and its treatment. Bonnie oversees and implements training workshops and contributes to the development of accessible and effective training programs and initiatives. She also supervises students, trainees and study therapists.

Outside of her work at the Center, Bonnie is a therapist in private practice providing PGDT and has previously held several teaching appointments. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from Baldwin-Wallace College, a Master’s degree in psychology from Duquesne University and completed her doctoral training at Duquesne University.