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Why Typical Beliefs Matter in Grief – Free

Using a case example and data from our clinical research studies, Dr. Skritskaya will discuss the role of maladaptive beliefs in complicated grief/prolonged grief disorder, including the relationship between maladaptive

The impact of suicide in the community – Free

Suicide impacts families, schools, workplaces and whole communities. Over half of the American population personally knows someone who has died by suicide. Dr. Julie Cerel will describe her important evidence-based

Sleep Disturbance and Grief – Free

Dr. Szuhany will discuss types of sleep disturbance in bereavement and how to recognize and treat them using case examples. She will also discuss how sleep may impact grief therapy,

Managing Pre-Death Grief – Free

Pre-death grief is among the most debilitating aspects of caring for a loved one with dementia. Grief is a natural response to witnessing changes in the care recipient’s personality and