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CPG offers support in the form of access to information, access to trained therapists and access to research work for grievers. We aim to create a bridge to connect grievers with the support they need to navigate the experience of loss and bereavement. 


GriefCare program offers information and exercises that will help parents understand their own loss and improve their abilities to raise grieving children. This can be used by therapists to augment their work with mourning parents. Grief care for families can be accessed via a website using a browser on any PC or handheld device. 

Find a Therapist

CPG offers access to therapists who have trained with us. Our therapists are trained and educated with approaches to treating complicated grief. You will find therapists segregated based on levels. The levels indicate the level of training each therapist has acquired. We have five levels that are determined by therapists’ collaboration with the Center for Complicated Grief.

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